Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coughing and Cabin Fever

The weather has turned arctic again. The Pooch's cough has worsened and we have been cooped up all day. The weather was starting to turn several days ago. We were at the dog park and The Pooch looked so much better-- he was trying to tackle a Russian Wolf Hound and playing tug of war with a stick. He had started to climb six flights, to spend the entire night at the foot of the bed without a cough (now accustomed to sleepless nights, I would wake up periodically, disbelieving that his cough had improved). Overjoyed to see his renewed energy, we stayed late. His cough worsened the next day. I have been through this before. This is when I search for an explanation, when I hope for a solution. I have been feeding him raw meat, hoping it might strengthen his immune system. Back when the weather turned, I had run out of meat and gave him canned dog foot. So now I blame it on the canned food, thinking that it's an allergy.  Now we are back to raw meat, steamy bathrooms and chest PT (physical therapy-- pounding on his chest to loosen the mucous). There is slight improvement in the cough. There is major improvement in the nose (nearly dry!) Now he sleeps in the living room-- these sleepless nights have become unbearable for me. I try to remain patient.  An off kilter system requires a long time to recover. Meanwhile, my neighbors give me concerned looks as we huff and puff up the stairs.

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