Wednesday, February 9, 2011


For over a year I have intended to write about Rufus.  But Rufus is complicated. The real Rufus hides under a white poofy poodl-ish exterior.  Poochini and I have tried to befriend Rufus.  But we started on the wrong foot from day one.  I know I'm biased, but Rufus started the whole thing.  The first time they met Poochini was still halfway down the block when Rufus bared his teeth and went haywire, the frizz on his back standing on end.  These days Poochini and I have to cross the street when we spot Rufus. 

His owner knows Rufus is difficult when it comes to us.  She's on guard.  Usually she spots us and reigns in Rufus before he's even on our radar screen.  I'll admit that Poochini isn't entirely innocent.  There was that episode, while he was on all those steroids for his lung problems, when we passed the elevator door just as Rufus was exiting.  That's when Poochini went into Cujo mode and cornered Rufus.  But everyone deserves a second chance, and I don't think a little 'roid rage should be held against us.  After all, it was medication induced and not indicative of Poochini's true character. 

Anyway, the animosity between Poochini and Rufus existed long before Poochini's temporary insanity.  I have tried to figure it out, and it comes down to this:  just like humans, dogs can't control who likes them and who doesn't.  There's that intangible gestalt.  You know what I'm talking about.  When someone pisses you off from day one, there's no getting around the fact that you're never gonna be friends.  Even if Poochini is being bullied by a white fuzzball, I can be thankful that the dog world is simpler than ours.  I don't have to explain to Poochini that Rufus not liking him has nothing to do with an inherent flaw of Poochini's, and everything to do with Rufus' own issues.  Instead, the two accept each other as mortal enemies and get on with life.  Which is a helluva lot less confusing than pretending to be friends when you're not.

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