Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Evil Twin Subway Conductor

Several days ago, I jumped on the "A" line bound for Columbus Circle.  The heat and humidity had been unbearable for days.  In the street, people were unsmiling, drained of energy and walking slowly.  The heat wave had taken a toll on everyone, including (apparently) the subway conductor.  At each stop, she snarled the name of the station across the intercom.  Her voice, nasal and full of pressure from the force of her anger, blasted into the car.  People rolled their eyes and covered their ears.  At W145th St., someone held the door for a companion.  The conductor's voice entered the car and slapped the face of everyone inside.  The door-holder sat down sheepishly.  I got off at the next stop, happy to wait for the next train in the amplified heat of the subway tunnel.  I had not heard Ms. Smiley for a long time (see previous blog posts), but was pretty sure that I had just encountered her evil twin.  I wonder if they are one and the same, but if not I much prefer Ms. Smiley's artificial sunshine to the caustic Evil Twin.     

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