Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helicopter Feet

On Central Park's Great Lawn a father and his two year old boy were playing.  The father grabbed the boy by both ankles and swung him in circles, fast like a helicopter blade.  Then he slowed down and let the boy come to rest gently on the grass.  The boy got to his feet, took two drunken steps, and collapsed in a riot of giggles.  He stood again, collapsed again, and kept trying until the dizziness had passed.  By this point, the father was lying on the grass, arms behind his head, enjoying the show.  The boy grabbed his father's two big feet in his pudgy hands and tried to spin him in circles.  The boy managed to lift the father's legs, but the man's heavy body remained safely rooted to the ground.  The father wiggled his arms and head as if being spun in a circle and the boy collapsed again in giggles.  Then the father scooped the boy in his arms, smothered him in kisses, and swung him onto his shoulders.  The two walked off, happy on this hot and humid Sunday afternoon.

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